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Virtual Internship Programs

Our program is designed to build full support around the internship and requireweekly touchpoints with the employer and intern to ensure everyone is fully engaged
and benefiting from each other.

On a Video Call

Virtual Internship recognize that the future of work was at our doorstep, and more students across the world would need to prepare for remote work experience as well as create a network of virtual connections to succeed. 

Videogame on Screen

Improve your employability with desirable skills on your CV

Work in an industry before commiting to a graduating job


Become a digital nomad. Work remotely from anywhere


No Relocation or transport costs. Start Today!

Why Choose Virtual Internships?

  • Guaranteed internship placements to all of our students

  • Internships are remote, there is no need to worry about visas and travel bans. 

  • Access to internships in 4000+ host companies in over 70 countries globally

  • Direct access to VI’s award-winning Career Bridge curriculum

  • Dedicated Internship Coach to keep you on track with your goals 

  • Global work experience from the comfort of your own home, working 10, 20, or 30 hours per week for 1-4 months. 

Program Support

Completing a remote internship presents a risk of feeling isolated or disconnected, and therefore we have created multiple touch points to connect fellow remote interns and build a community.

  • Dedicated Intern Experience Manager to check-in weekly with interns

  • Assigned Internship Coach to complete midpoint and end of program coaching calls with delivery of Global Career

  • Management Plan (GCMP) and Global Employability Certificate

  • Weekly Group Discussions where the moderator will ask guided group discussions as well as open the floor to any inquiries or concerns.

  • Fortnightly Business Webinars covering a range of topical themes

Internship Career Field

By selecting the Career Field Focus Track, we guarantee an internship in the career field of choice, allowing interns to select from 16 different identified Career Fields.
This option is perfect for anyone wanting global experiences throughout the world, but has a focused career goal.​

Business Meeting

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