The leading local and international network of  internship program for Hospitality. 


The International Internship Program provides the participants the opportunity to bridge the academic gap by way of international certification and training given by both an international organization and international training institution. The aim of this program is to immerse interns in the various areas of hotel and resort operations (and other participating institutions and industry) in a professional and multi-cultural setting. This program also prepares participant(s) to be a future supervisor for a hotel/resort or in other types of establishments or institutions.

This program offers a vast opportunity to improve both knowledge and skills in the trainee’s field of interest. This also provides cooperating training hotels and resorts with an opportunity to make sound evaluation of potential students and graduates for future employment. The Internship Program will also provide students and graduates with experiences and challenges beyond the general front line work experience.​

International Destinations

AGS would like to present to you an Academic Bridging Program for students taking up HRM, Tourism, Culinary, or other major Bachelor courses with the objective of further enhancing the quality of education and to support the country’s educational goals as: 

  • To improve the capability of public and private Higher Educational Institutions to equip students with the required skills and competencies for national development and to prepare them for gainful employment or entrepreneurship.

  • Improve global competitiveness of graduates by ensuring quality education.

  • To be at part with the best in Asia and eventually the world.

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