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Immersion Program

We prepare our students for accelerated careers in the hospitality industry, whether they are looking to advance their career or enter a new one entirely.

Our one (1) day Hospitality Immersion Program (HIP) will provide three to five-star hospitality management training in a practical arts setting.  In this immersion, students have to job-shadow employees, observe the operations, provide recommendations for any issues, and then complete a write-up.


The goal of this immersion programme is to allow students to gain knowledge of positions within the hospitality industry and gain hands-on experience in essential day-to-day hotel operations like housekeeping, front office and more.

This short collaboration with hotels allows our students to take a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of hotel operations. This ensures our students an opportunity to be exposed to a variety of roles and job responsibilities – and provide them with better insights for their own career planning in alignment to their own skills, preferences, and values.

Overall, the activity gave the students a deeper insight of the hospitality industry and an appreciation of a possible career option after graduation.

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