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We provide international internship program in U.S.A. / AUSTRALIA/ FRANCE/ SPAIN/EMIRATES/ VIETNAM/ MALAYSIA/ CANADA & THAILAND.


 Maintaining and enhancing competitive advantage through effective planning, selection, development and appraisal of our people to meet the demands of the competitive market.


Validation of Knowledge & Skill in the Hospitality industry Verification of expertise in working with certain industry like tourism and other related hospitality.


Ensure that graduates are bench marked globally & possess the confidence in working skills to join Hotels. Enhance our graduate’s marketability for career opportunity and promotion.


Ensure that this program is compliance to all legal aspect of the education and safety internship of the bridging program.


  • To offer personality development It is a tool to bring out one’s abilities and powers for making himself aware of his inner self and become more confident to face the outside world.

  • Offer internationally-recognized educational training programs for general education and specialized courses;

  • Provide integrated educational management and consultancy to our clients and stakeholders;

  • Provide educational-based management solutions to schools, colleges, universities and similar establishments;

  • Provide expertise in developing educational training content and program direction;

  • Organize educational conferences, seminars, and events here and abroad;

  • To create a world-class work environment with a distinguished corporate culture where clients and stakeholders can fulfil their potential;

  • To grow a substantial portfolio of satisfied clients;

  • To leave a significant impact in the collective efforts towards improving the hospitality industry in the Asia-Pacific region


  • Living out our core values is integral to making a positive and meaningful differences in the business outcomes of our stakeholders, clients and the experience of their customers.

  • We are committed to passion in service and unbridled enthusiasm for creating a client experience that is second to none.

  • We value active participation and collaboration and the willful act of blending and facilitating individual talents and insights and actionable results that makes a difference.

  • We are committed to ensuring a better client experience in the vast hospitality and tourism industries, and are committed to help not-for-profit organizations achieve success in our local community, the region, and the nation,

  • Our shared values represent the company’s core priorities and behaviors and these values guide our decision-making policies.

  • People – People are our most important asset. Everything we do involves people—whether it be our team, those we help in their personal career choices, the clients we advise, the talents we recruit or train for them, or other people related products and services we deliver to the hospitality industry.

  • We are committed to building long-term relationships based on honesty, trust, and respect, and work towards understanding our clients specific needs.

  • We build long-term relationships with our staff, clients, candidates, and industry partners. These relationships are built on a firm foundation of trust and integrity in everything we do:

  • We recognize that people are the cornerstone of our success.

  • We are accountable for our commitments.

  • We always do what is fair, honest and ethical.

  • We share information in order to build trusting, and productive relationships.

  • We value people, we value knowledge. This is why value is the center of who we are.

  • We aim to add value in any situation and increasing return on investment for individuals, organizations, and corporations through knowledge, support, advice or simply doing the ordinary things well.

  • Clients – We build relationships by listening and consistently meeting or exceeding client expectations.

  • We offer consultancy services, trainings and development that are the “world-class”.

  • We take individual ownership for client satisfaction. Each of us is responsible for the quality of whatever we do.

  • We strive for continuous improvement, seeking the means to do things more efficiently and with better results.


While creating a quality, relevant and industry-focused course training services is our primary goal, it is determined that each and every organization has its own unique development process and requirement. Therefore; AGS ADVANCED GLOBAL SKILLS, trademark of success is an extensive collaboration with our clients and stakeholders.

Since we have the ability to work hand-in-hand with each individual organization to learn and understand their process while also proposing new ways to develop the course delivery and consequent curriculum development.

The best way that AGS ADVANCED GLOBAL SKILLS can collaborate and understand an organizations requirement is by sitting down our team and conduct a needs a analysis. In this way, it allows our team to figure out what your organization needs and come out with a proposed solution that specifically fits to those needs.



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