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School &

Hotel Partners


  • Have less than 18 months of graduated.

  • 6 months of related work experience full-time in the position apply for.

  • Be currently working in your field at the time of application.

  • Non-refundable Enrollment Fee.

  • Special fee for W&H 6 months internship.


  • Front desk (competitive)

  • Culinary (open)

  • Food & Beverage (open)


  • Internship length: 6 or 12 months program.

  • Apply 7 to 8 months before your starting date


  • Allowance per Month


  • Program includes visa fee and sponsorship for 402 training visa.

  • Insurance is included.

Insurance & Support

  • Travel & medical insurance included

  • 24/7 line: 1 866-6ABROAD.


  • 50% of hotels offer housing that will be discounted from your payroll.

  • If housing is not provided, we will help you in the housing search.


  • Flexibility to be placed in any city such as: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or Gold Coast among others.

Are you qualified?

Register now and we'll get back to you immediately.

Welcome Package

  1. Free bank account set up

  2. Tax claim service

  3. International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

  4. Phone sim card with $10 credit

  5. iVenture Card - 5 free attractions included

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