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General admission requirements and process.


AGS Admission Process

admission process.png

Attend the Online Orientation 

Read, understood then sign our Terms and Conditions.

Pass all the documents we require

Pay the registration fee

Prepare for the interview.

Internship Placement Process

internship placement process.png

1. Interview Evaluation

of the Principal.

2. Endorsement of Principals to Host Companies.

3. Interview Day!

4. Receive your 

Internship Offer.

5. Sign your offer and pay the Enrollment Fee.

6. Start of Pre-

Departure Process.

Pre Departure Process

pre departure process.png

Meet your Internship Coordinator and receive your  Pre Departure Guide


your Visa

Ready your Insurance, 

Flight and your

Packing List.

Pre Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)

During & After your Internship


Arrive to destination and get to know the city.

Start your internship. 

Improve your skills through your internship.

Evaluate the hotel and send your video testimonial.

Receive your certificate and go back home.



Can speak conversational English.

No experience ​required.

Wants to build a career abroad.

18 to 30 years (flexible). ​

Ready to relocate next MONTH. ​

Attend and pass an interview.

Apply 3-6 months before start...


Step 4

  • Visa application process starts. 

  • Pre Departure Orientation

  • Checking of documents required by Embassies.

  • Schedule date of Application/Interview with consul.

  • Send a copy of your Visa Stamp and Flight Details to AGS Document Specialist.

  • Arrival to destination.

Step 2

  • Profiling and Assessment Fee payment.

  • Completion of documents required by the Principal.

  • Interview with Principal via Skype.

Step 3

  • Endorsement to Host Companies.

  • Placement Fee payment.

  • Interview with Host Companies.

Step 1

  • Attend AGS Orientation.

  • Fill up AGS Application Form and send us your resume.

  • Pay the Registration Fee as confirmation that you agreed with our Terms and Conditions.

  • Completion of other documents required by AGS.

  • Interview with AGS Representative.

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