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Do you like a diverse nature, cities abrupt in history and delicious comfort food after a long exam? If you answered yes to these questions and you are looking to study somewhere in Europe - there is perfect place for you: Study in Poland!


Poland has over 450 HEIs (Higher Education institutions) to choose from and being a member of the Socrates-Erasmus network, Poland has slowly built a reputation for students looking to get an unforgettable study experience and an internationally recognized degree.

Become an International student! Have the opportunity to study in a the center of Europe and take in the allure and culture of a new land.

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Study Abroad Program

International students who choose to study in Poland will have the opportunity to receive a quality education in a quickly burgeoning academic environment. All leading universities in Poland offer high-quality programs taught in English, including medicine, engineering, humanities, business, and finance.

Female Students
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Why Study in Poland?

Great career opportunities

High quality universities

Affordable quality education

Vibrant Student & Cultural Life

Extraordinary Polish Hospitality

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Study in Poland

free tuition fee

Poland is an incredible country with a diverse and rich education history. Studying in Poland will give you a high quality European degree, recognizable all around the World at a low cost!

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