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University of Bialystok

The University of Bialystok was established in 1997 from the Branch of Warsaw University after 29 years of its existence. Today UwB is one of the largest and strongest academic centers in North-Eastern Poland due to its scientific standards and potential.


The University consists of nine faculties, including one located abroad in Vilnius. Classes and lectures are delivered by approx. 850 academic teachers (nearly 200 are independent research scholars). At present the University educates approx. 17.000 students in almost 30 fields of study. It offers about 100 different postgraduate courses. The student movement is thriving: there are about 70 student research clubs at the University.

PhD degree studies are carried out within five University units: The Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Economics and Management, the Faculty of Philology, the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry and the Faculty of History and Sociology. UwB is entitled to confer 11 university degrees of doctor and 4 postdoctoral degrees.

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